Poem- walking & creativity

While walking , passive ideas that are lurking in the back of my mind start to become more visible.

The forces that suppressed ideas until now are moving away to make ideas more liveable.

The movement of the body bolsters a creative spark that is not experienced during a sedentary state.

The journey of a long walk pushes away anxieties and worries and instils a breath of fresh air at a rapid rate.

In a calm walk, the free mind allows different scenarios to play effectively to visualise multiple outcomes.

The stimulation produced in the brain brings great insight and freedom from daily humdrum.

The energy boost in our brains solidifies our deep thought process.

The better blood flow to the brain propels us to spend full energy on a single problem with less stress.

The neural firing inside establishes a link between activity and creativity.

The creative block thus created should not be closed due to a longer period of inactivity.

Let’s walk more often to bring more novel and ingenious ideas with zeal.

A refreshed mood, with more oxygen flowing inside, aids in the efficient running of an innovation wheel.



former Banker in SBI, author of 9 books

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