Poem- slow hunch and ideas

Debjeet Das
2 min readApr 6, 2022

Nurturing ideas takes time; it doesn’t happen in a flash.

As seeds need water for survival, ideas also need an incubation period before they get encashed.

If ideas get exploited at a premature stage, they may get easily crashed.

Not being able to survive the test of time, will make an idea trash.

Let ideas show their spark slowly, without a rush before they start to sell.

Any deadline imposed to forcibly squeeze out ideas within a fixed timeframe will not fare well.

Let the idea build into consciousness in a step-by-step fashion.

Like waves, it starts small and then shows its profoundness with continuity and passion.

When a raw idea lingers in the mind for a long time, it takes true shape after building a new connection.

Allowing its roots to gain strength and expand, will let them bloom to perfection.

Collective thinking through creative collaboration and productive exchange will let the boundaries of ideas’ influence expand from multiple sides.

The spillover of ideas from one part to another will bring a renaissance that reaches far and wide.

Let slow hunches developed in mind not get disturbed by day to day events.

To be on the safer side, write your every thought down to preserve its contents.