Debjeet Das
2 min readDec 23, 2021


Poem shadow of fear

Fear is mental conditioning which arises due to feeling of unsafe or danger.

Mental peace gets vanquished and starts to get endangered.

When fear grips you from all side: ask fear of what? Fear from whom?

If vision gets narrowed, don’t hesitate to zoom.

When fear prevents you from acting upon anything: ask what good is it serving?

When fear castes all possible doubt in mind:ask why is it so nerve wrecking?

When darkness is obstructing the path, ask why sunshine is left behind?

When figment of hope is waiting outside corridor, ask why is it declined?

We cannot let fear rule over out mind to such an extent that it makes us mentally handicapped.

Instead of finding ways to get out, we cannot sit and just say we are badly trapped.

Fear gets into our mind through a gap of negativity or uncertainty which is not properly sealed.

Proper dealing with fear requires confidence and resolute mindset for an effective shield.

There is no shame in coming out in open and describing what is causing us fear?

Hiding out from others will cause more inner turbulence which will be difficult to bear.

When door is shut from all side, fear inhibits our liberty.

Addressing fear from all side requires coherent strategy and synergy.