Poem-Role of error in innovation

In a quest for new ideas, error prone guesses are an unavoidable part.

Inconsistencies and imperfection need to be embraced as there is no such thing as a perfect start.

Many glorified errors scratch the back of history with meaningful contributions.

The journey of mistakes and mismatches from time to time has always been the basis of evolution.

Many errors remove our comfortable assumptions to make us think differently to get a solution.

Wrongs give us space to experiment and test ferociously, which creates a fertile ground for innovation.

The idea of making no mistakes and seeking a breakthrough in the first attempt harbours unhealthy delusions.

There is no perfect way, but repeated attempts often open windows to remarkable innovation.

The discomfort of noise and error forces us to look for more change and stimulation.

It opens up new avenues of possibility to pave the way for wonderful creation.

When the going gets tough, preserve the noise to keep evolving.

Adapt better to changing pressures or opportunities for effective problem solving.

Allow innovations to thrive on useful mistakes, as it gives meaningful reasons to explore.

Don’t let it suffer under the shackles of excessive checks and balances as these rob its splendour.



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