Debjeet Das
1 min readDec 20, 2021


Poem Power of narratives

Strong narratives make a resounding impact on our conduct.

It reinforces or alters opinion by bringing story which lucidly guide and instruct.

Onve the narrative takes over thinking mind, it is difficult to get it detached.

Mind gets loaded with preconceived opinion and we lose our ability to think from scratch.

Narratives make us remember things longer than what is usually required.

It convinces us so strongly that we start to get emotionally fired.

Faulty narratives brainwash our thinking in an undesired way.

Facts and truths go for toss while playing this dirty play.

Manipulative narratives if pushed for long convinces us to believe many wrong things as right.

If these narratives are rejected, then your significance is made irrelevant by all might.

Powerful can twist and turn narratives as per their own priorities.

Incentives will only be given to those who abide by like herd as dictated by authorities.

In order for a narrative to reach a definite conclusion, it must get a majority support.

When narratives become strong and followed by many, it is impossible to abort.