Poem -Game of puzzle

Debjeet Das
2 min readJan 30, 2022


Pieces of different shapes and sizes are spread everywhere to give a sense of confusion.

Aligning these pieces to give a proper structure requires impeccable execution.

Amidst the possibilities of different patterns, we may move in the wrong direction.

But we must hold ourselves back and think from multiple directions to make the right selection.

Embroiled in confusion is no way out. Start with easy pieces to build confidence.

Slowly work your way out with attention and watchfulness.

Finding the right spot for pieces of different shapes and sizes is a game of trial and error.

Slowly assembling the pieces in the proper places will help us reach our end destination sooner.

Your choices and decisions play a pivotal role in making the correct connections.

The right approach will limit the chances of many rejections.

When exhausted, take small breaks but keep progressing forward without having any feeling of defeat.

Keep the ball rolling to turn the tide towards you and take away all the inner heat.

Fear of losing focus must keep you in active mode.

Momentum that is built must be carried throughout to cross all tough inroads.

It is no game of tricks, but a game of patience and deep observation.

Once completed, there comes an inside feeling of positive affirmation.



Debjeet Das

former Banker in SBI, author of 9 books