Poem epiphanies

While engaging in daily chores, some thoughts start to rolling around.

These thoughts consume us entirely and we start to get emotionally drowned.

Mind wants to revisit those decisions which we rejected in the past.

An epiphany want us to tackle those with different approaches so differences don’t last.

Now rigid stances need to be flexible to accommodate various discussions.

But those thoughts must meet broader objectives to avoid bad repercussions.

There is no shame in accepting past misjudgement and start with blank slate.

If current demands are met, then it remains a fruitful bet.

Epiphanies help us take one step back, slow down the process and instil world of wisdom.

It helps us join missing link to guide us to well connected system.

Room for error is appreciated so that improvement can be made upon reflecting past mistakes.

For greater understanding, there is no harm in breaking smooth flows with meaningful brakes.

As life makes us more humble going forward, we feel grateful to act upon those realizations.

We feel enlightened after making renewed connection with positive expectations.

Epiphanies made us recollect those dreams that were forgotten amidst daily routines.

Vitality of past dream can be restored by bringing it to mainstream.

former Banker in SBI