Poem- creativity

Debjeet Das
1 min readApr 20, 2022

Ordinary things can be made more creative through the power of your imagination.

When you breathe new life into abandoned and obsolete things, your art becomes other people’s source of inspiration.

A desire to make ordinary things extraordinary through artistic play.

stretching the mind for creative pursuits,To give a show of spectacular display.

Once creativity integrates into your way of life, it channels your visual thinking.

The ever-growing creative flow within you provides a flurry of ideas through many interlinking.

For creativity to flourish, there needs to be ambiguity.

Having a space to dwell in and experiment in helps us avoid feeling stuck while maintaining continuity.

The more you use creativity, the more you have-it is an endless flow.

With a wild mind to explore things around us and a disciplined eye to extract the most important things, we build a creative castle that always grows.

Let’s nourish our souls by getting immersed in the joy of a creative mood.

Harness it for a long time, let it compound, ,so creativity becomes an inseparable part of your attitude.