Poem- Breakthrough in a moment of silence

Debjeet Das
1 min readMar 21, 2022

When silence prevails, all senses are harmonised to work collectively.

With no distractions around, our ability to process intriguing things increases proportionally.

The focused engagement helps us see clear direction effectively.

Sustained silence buries restlessness inside, magically.

In stillness, one gets more time to self-reflect passionately.

With more control over their minds, one can connect with their inner burning desires more productively.

With silence being imposed, the clutter of confusion moves away rapidly.

In a relaxed state, one can navigate the puzzling challenges rather calmly.

Serenity helps us prepare to work for a larger purpose whole-heartedly.

The mind carrying a pointed objective will dive deep into things attentively.

Deep thinking lets us go beyond shallow solutions to unearth hidden complexity.

Incomprehensible pieces are starting to make sense to reduce perplexity.

The goal that seemed impossible once is now being pursued with more devotion.

The thorough understanding of using disconnected pieces to our advantage saves us from commotion.

The natural flow, which was once broken due to cacophony, returns to its original state.

Time spent alone has many wonderful things to offer in its patient wait.