Poem- Boredome and creativity

Debjeet Das
2 min readApr 13, 2022

In a fast-moving world, ,getting bored is seen as a waste of time.

Meeting all of the demands one after the other is considered sublime.

We prefer the certainty of distraction over the uncertainty of boredom to make our lives easy.

Ignoring a brief pause to prioritise instant gratification and dopamine bursts to make our ride breezy.

The diffused focus gained from boredom will light the creative bulb to explore more possibilities.

The push for change to pursue new and exciting objectives will create many opportunities.

Moving away from boredom is like discarding the value of an uncut diamond, only to settle for something less valuable.

Preferring external chaos over inside silence is like moving away from the rational and succumbing to the irrational.

Let’s be patient enough to pursue our creative whisper and perceptive enough to receive it when it arrives.

Let’s avoid the madness of the rush and allow the ocean of experience and imagination to make new combinations and give meaning to our lives.

Unplug from the constant need for entertainment and give yourself permission to rejuvenate and reinvent.

Embrace the moment of doing nothing to create a sweet spot for discovering and inventing something new with positive intent.

More good will happen if we let our minds wander during idle time for ideas to explode.

Let boredom help you tune into your internal world with no external distraction to think about your imaginary road.