Poem know what you don’t know

In a world flooded by information, we sometime wrongly conclude that we can be expert at every thing.

Absorbed in arrogance, we feel omniscient and start to behave like a king.

We fail to recognize that each field or subject is an ocean which…

Poem Sense of ownership

When we own a piece of something- it gives us an immense pride.

The satisfaction and joy that is felt inside is difficult to hide.

The feeling of ownership is personal thing which attach deep meaning to us.

The emotions that run high cannot be explained…

Poem Games people play

What is going around in people’s head is difficult to tell.

The fluctuating opinion that people harness is matter of great dwell.

Mood swings can happen abruptly and one cannot easily predict.

The one whom we trusted never hesitated to contradict.

People make their cunning move…

Poem Inner Chatter

Inner chatter constantly bring out unwanted feelings which we want to hide.

Good thoughts lost in smoke if trouble keep boiling inside.

Troubled events of past again starts to look fresh which was once buried.

Not knowing how to control inner chatter makes us further worried.


Poem power of imaginations

Imaginations are boundless and limitless – you can push it to any extent.

Imaginations help us see spectacular journey ahead with all positive intent.

Imaginations take us along the journey of seeing the unseen.

It keeps growing our desire till it reaches an umpteen.

It can…

Poem The search for self

It is easy to get lost meeting all expectations.

Countless demand keep chasing us without sign of reaching end destination.

The thought of finding time for ‘self’ is not considered good.

The care that is required to resurrect our soul is never understood.

The disharmony…

Poem shadow of fear

Fear is mental conditioning which arises due to feeling of unsafe or danger.

Mental peace gets vanquished and starts to get endangered.

When fear grips you from all side: ask fear of what? Fear from whom?

If vision gets narrowed, don’t hesitate to zoom.

When fear…

Poem Judgement

Judgement remains such a crucial element that it can make or break someone’s future progress.

Good judgement helps in coming up with quality decision without any undue stress.

Good judgement comes from combination of experience and skill which very few possesses.

It helps in filtering many irrelevant things…

Poem expectation trap

Having reasonable expectation is good, but it creates problem when others hope reaches sky high.

Too much expectation interefers with an easy going life as it is difficult to comply.

Unreasonable expectations add all unnecessary pressure.

Fulfilling it remains wild goose chase as it is never measured.

Poem Power of narratives

Strong narratives make a resounding impact on our conduct.

It reinforces or alters opinion by bringing story which lucidly guide and instruct.

Onve the narrative takes over thinking mind, it is difficult to get it detached.

Mind gets loaded with preconceived opinion and we lose our…

Debjeet Das

former Banker in SBI

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