60 life lessons part 15

761 When you argue without knowing the true subject of your argument, your argument dies before it even begins.

762 Your victories may give you a feeling of success, but complete success isn’t dependent on victory alone. Without even a single victory, a person can be successful in their own and others’ eyes.

762 When needs and demands keep rising with higher expectations, then it is difficult to feel contented as restlessness will always be overpowering.

763 When the same things need to be repeated to the same person multiple times, it either means he doesn’t hold you as an important person or what you are saying doesn’t seem important enough to get their complete attention.

764 Technology has made us so addicted that even five minutes without digital engagement causes panic and anxiety attacks on all fronts.

765 The person who makes you feel important automatically becomes important to you without indulging in any background check.

766 Backstabbing someone who has no grudges or malice against you requires a high level of inhumanity.

767 One minute of stillness can teach certain things that a thousand hours of non-stop busyness can’t.

768: Drawing people’s attention once is no miracle, but drawing it repeatedly with your craft is a stroke of genius.

769. A small fight with a person: the first time is a power show, the second time is a warning, and the third time is an explosion, as many small fights with the same person can snowball into a ferociously intense one with the potential for complete loss of control and maximum physical assault and damage on both sides.

770 Yesterday’s events shouldn’t be dragged to the present, and present events shouldn’t be extrapolated to the future. Nothing is permanent. Take it as it comes.

771 People who need to outshout an argument are in a place where

People have deaf ears.

People around are only good at speaking and have no patience for listening.

People have no interest in what is being said.

772 The proportion of uselessness in society can be easily identified by how many get involved in futile political discussion. Political discussion is the best way to open a conversation that has no focused objective.

773 After deleting something, we are always tempted to include other things, but after adding something, we are often reluctant to delete the unnecessary. In need of clarity, we seek power to add, but clarity lies in how effectively we are able to subtract the irrelevant.

774 Your presence doesn’t matter where, even without you, everything can be run in a perfect and efficient manner. Your presence matters where, without you, everything starts to crumble and no one else has the ability to put things in order.

775 Some relationships are difficult to preserve once they go out of sight. They are barely remembered. This mostly happens when a person’s life is not dependent on others or a person’s interests and thoughts don’t align with others.

776 The world of advertising was created to make less appealing products look more appealing, but with its constant recurrence and overdose ,it makes even useful and more appealing products look less appealing and distasteful.

777 When you can abuse someone online but can’t abuse the same person face-to-face, not only have you shown your cowardice but you also prove yourself to be impotent.

778 When you receive something in excess and you don’t have adequate capacity to handle it well, instead of using it as a buffer during a time of need, it will end up being wasted quickly and you will be left as vulnerable as before.

779 In a meeting, if you are more concerned about avoiding someone than excited about meeting someone, then you shouldn’t be in the meeting. Fear will grip you so badly that excitement will vanish as soon as you get there.

780 If talking and behaving in a nonsensical way helps you forget your inner worries for a moment, then being nonsense is a good way to ease yourself up.

781 We die inside with too much baggage too many times while we are alive. But we die only once, without any baggage, when we are actually dead.

782 If you are not doing something which you are supposed to do due to lethargy, mood swings, etc., then it is an insult to your commitment to yourself that you are not holding tight and right.

783 Inconsistencies in your behaviour may

Makes people dislike you as your behaviour is not as per their assumption.

It makes some people keep guessing about you.

& make some people adore you, as some find you appealing due to surprises in your character.

784 Most interesting things are told in the form of stories in order to be remembered, but many stories are not that interesting and worthwhile to be remembered.

785 If you are not sure whether you can make any progress in life, any direction you walk is itself progress made out of thin air.

786 If something is beyond your reach after all your earnest trying, you must move on without harping on not getting the desired result. At some point, the power to quit seems more reasonable than the urge to continue forever.

787 It needs lots of love and sacrifice to feel proud and part of other historic and life-changing moments.

788 The most memorable people in your life may not have special moments of their own, but they make sure that they make every moment of yours spent with them special.

789 Some find it difficult to get out of a routine life to live differently, some find it difficult to get back into a routine after living differently. Each has its own choices.

790 Overconfidence is like that missile which is launched at high speed, keeps rising up initially, but slows down midway ,gets lost when it misses trajectory and eventually crashes out in turbulence with no residue left behind.

791 If different paths in life keep confusing you, you still have no idea of what the best road for you is.

792 When you choose to immerse yourself in your own emptiness, you see its magnificent beauty. However, when emptiness chooses to immerse you, you have one of the most harrowing experiences.

793 The circus, which we reject to be part of when alone, is the same circus we happily participate in in other people’s company to not look weird.

794 All the tries have a component of failure embedded in them, and failure is not possible without giving a try.

795 The difference between fantasy and imagination is that

Fantasy is imagination without thought.

An idea is an imagination that builds up a deep thought process inside.

796 Our thoughts get repetitive because we barely explore different ideas with an open mind and eventually kill the immense potential that exploration can bring to us.

797 Using systems and authority to dominate others is a lame power show that has little to no significance in the real world. The real heroism lies in using power to rescue people from tough and helpless situations. This will ensure that they will no longer have to worry or fear for their lives.

798 Nature is mostly silent and incommunicable, and we can truly immerse ourselves in its true beauty only in silence.

799 The contact which remains intact and strengthens after all rubbing demonstrates an unparallel quality of weathering roughness with toughness.

800 People get the courage to deceive others only after losing the shame of deceiving themselves first.

801 Our time frame decides what is mortal and what is immortal for us. Over a short period of time, nearly everything looks like it is “immortal”, but over a long time, we may see many boom and bust cycles and most of those supposed immortals will disappear, leaving only a few.

802 Excessive addition of things in life makes us feel out of control, while excessive deletion of things makes us feel void and remorseful. The key is to maintain the proper balance.

803 When one starts searching for the highest quality things among a long list of many things, one searches with the bias that anything discovered first cannot be of the highest quality. Even if the finest things are discovered initially, they are conveniently ignored in the hope of finding better quality things later. Eventually, exhaustion sets in after too many searches, and people settle for less than the best one initially found.

Keep your searches to a minimum because, often, less is more.

804 When nobody gives you a chance, you have to give yourself a chance to prove that others’ chances don’t matter if you can create your own chance with your own skill and talent.

805 The exciting thing about life is that it is a battle every day. Every day, we have the chance to renew ourselves, but the risk of getting decayed looms over us as well. We have to feel, experience, think, and take action in this battle to keep ourselves moving.

When life ceases to be a battle, we lose the excitement of living for the next day.

806 Once you visualise and internalise the maximum amount of pain you can tolerate, no fear can ever rule over you and no untoward incident can ever scare you to death.

807 The clutter of doubt takes away sanity of mind when the insanity of confusion makes us swirl under its commotion.

808 When incense is burnt, it spreads its beautiful aroma all over the place. Similarly, love and hope spread the beauty of mankind everywhere.

809 Many things that started and finished in a rush lose their vitality and existence in a rush, and many things that took an abnormally long time from start to finish find their relevance intact even after many generations.

810 Characterization of a character is not possible if it has no defined role to play and can switch roles as per changing wishes and demands.

811 Any relationship can quickly degrade if one abuses it for selfish reasons while not being willing to listen to or accommodate the feelings of others. Doing so hurts others’ self-esteem, which is broken beyond repair.

812 When the body is severely cut, blood gushes out with force to cause more pain. Similarly,when free voice is cut, frustration gushes out to cause madness and anger to spread all around.

813. The person who can find meaning in the meaningless, sense in the senseless, and thoughts in the thoughtless can also see something alive in the dead, as the eye that fails to see and seek truth can justify falsehood at any time and in any place.

814 If you repeatedly visit a place intentionally where you are uninvited and unwanted, then you are equally responsible and cannot plead innocence when an untoward war of words and lethal attack is directed against you.

815 The ugliest wars in history broke out due to disturbances in boundaries, communities, faiths, and religion, and people will go to any extent to preserve and restore it to its original form.

816 Just like a menu cannot define a meal, a chapter cannot define a book, one country cannot define the world, one person cannot define mankind, and similarly, one shade of your character cannot define your entire personality.

817 Different systems have different equilibrium states. No two equilibriums should be considered the same. When changes happen, readjustments need to be made so one can smoothly shift from one equilibrium to another one without much distortion.

818 When any network grows to a disproportionate level, a few large control many small, and “these few” help many new links to get connected to make a bigger chain. When “these few” are removed or disturbed, then chaos , havoc, and instability follow to give a big jolt to the network built.

819 The sense of time gets lost when the loss of time never gets sensed.

820 When you lose contact with someone you’ve known for a long time, either the person’s importance in your life fades or your love for the person deepens or multiplies many times over. Either way, feelings won’t remain the same.



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