60 life lessons part 14

711When someone’s job merely exists because there is a problem ,he/she will try everything possible not to find a solution and will try to put all hurdles before anyone who tries to find a solution.


If bureaucracy is known for inefficiency and corruption, anyone attempting to solve it will become entangled in bureaucracy itself.

712 When you are a problem ,you will avoid the solution, and when you are the solution, you will take the problem head on.

713 Starting or building new things always takes an incredible amount of hard work and sacrifice, but once initial hurdles are crossed and momentum starts to build in our favour , many things get sorted out eventually to keep things moving with less resistance.

714 There is always a non-linear growth when different chains are connected to each other. For example, word-of-mouth and grapevine spread like wildfire.

715 If you can see something which others can’t ,either they made themselves intentionally blind and ignorant about it or you have a special trait that allows you to see things deep beyond surface levels.

716 Knowing what not to do in life makes figuring out what to do easier as you don’t have to get entangled in unnecessary problems that lead to confusion.

717 The world is built in such a way that very few things are absolute and almost all things are relative. The space for absolutes is tiny in an ocean of relative worlds.

718 Others’ safety will only be a priority for you when your safety is also at stake with their danger or you have a high sense of social responsibility. Otherwise, you will rarely dive in to protect others.

719 Reflections help you realise what went wrong, and action takes the wrong head on and makes it right.

720 Thunderstorms cannot occur under clear skies. Similarly, a clear thought process cannot induce a volatile temperament.

721 Extreme events are less likely to occur frequently in extreme ways, as reversion to the mean occurs at some point. But moderate events have a higher probability of happening in an extreme or moderate way as space to fluctuate is wide open.

722 Create a better perception of yourself in your own eyes first, and that will reflect in others’ eyes too.

723 When you move forward without worrying about how much time it would take to achieve reasonable success, then you have got a robust mindset which deserves to get all the success .

724 If one doesn’t control materialistic desires, then those desires will wreak havoc on one’s mental stability. Greed for wealth,assets,fame, etc., cannot be satisfied. It is like walking on an infinite ladder. The more you cover distance, the further the end point moves.

725: If a person can face personal and financial loss without becoming overwhelmed by emotion, he or she has achieved exceptional mental toughness, resilience, and stability.

726 If a loved one stays by your side throughout a difficult time and stays through the healing process, these connections must be unquestionably treasured for all time.

727 Although scars are part of life, they should not be so deep that they leave an imprint after your death.

728 No matter how much a person dyes his hair, he cannot hide his age for long. Likewise, no matter how much one tries to fake, one cannot conceal one’s original character for long.

729 People in power use all sorts of manipulation to distort reality. But reality doesn’t go completely dark entirely. If you suppress it from one side, it resurfaces from another side and strikes directly in your face.

730 Dealing with stress with alcohol and smoking is like trying to put out the fire in the building with a bucket of water. It doesn’t matter how much it feels right to you, the condition remains the same.

Taking the right measure and taking a measure that one thinks is right is very different.

731 When someone helps or donates to others only to seek limelight, then his/her actions and intentions don’t complement each other, and such actions are usually short-lived, and such people are situation-dependent opportunists.

732 A moment of courage in a moment of crisis is always remembered.

733 It is easier for a crook to make an honest person follow the path of dishonesty, but it will be a lot tougher to convince a crook to follow the path of honesty.

734 A person can go from an ordered state to a disordered state fairly easily, but to return to an ordered state from a disordered state is an uphill battle.

735 When no one seems good to you, you also become good for no one.

736 When we know too much about something that is unimportant and too little about something that is relevant and significant, we have a misplaced priority.

737 The relationship in which you have to explain each of your actions every time is like being in prison. The breath of fresh air won’t come in unless you walk out.

738 Before you praise your employer too much to maintain your status among the people you hang out with, think about how much your employer has praised your work in public promoting products or services for the company.

739 In our rage, we rarely forget the person who did not fulfil our demand, but we conveniently forget the person who has fulfilled all of our wishes.

Anger unknowingly suppresses your sweet side of humility. Don’t fall into the trap of anger.

740 If a liar says he doesn’t want to hear anything but the truth, he should either laugh at himself or allow others to laugh at him.

741 One-sided conversations only engage listeners’ attention when either presenter presents unknown, new, exciting facts that make everyone curious and find them worth digging into; or when all the facts presented are so incorrect that they put the listener in a state of shock and they feel tempted to counter the facts presented.

Obvious facts go unnoticed or unheard all the time.

742 The bright smiles of others can melt away your frustration in an instant. Similarly, angry, hot faces can spike existing frustration too quickly.

743 Faking happiness when we are not happy is an insult to the inner soul, which only wants you to act in accordance with your current feelings.

745: When people pretend to be smarter than they are, they claim to understand things that they have barely grasped, and when they fail the litmus test, the gap between what they proclaim and what they actually understand is easily detected.

746 When you keep repeating the same mistake, either you have not reflected on what caused that particular mistake or you are too tempted to try the same things in the same way, completely ignoring the previous error, considering it to be an error by chance.

747 Modernism has changed the way we live but hasn’t changed the way we experience things. We have been experiencing the same basic human emotions for thousands of years, and we will continue to do so for centuries to come.

748 Popularity works both ways. People help you reach sky high, even with your smallest of victories. You become the centre of attention wherever you go. Your reach and influence are large ,quick and magnetic.

It can also pull you down, even due to the slightest negative rumour. Others may make you the target of slanderous gossip in which they vent their personal frustrations by abusing you.

749 There are so many ideas floating around, but you take an interest in only some of those. You understand those, even a little. You accept them, even a little. You implement them, even a little. You make it work, even a little.

750 Instead of abrupt disruption, if you want to remove anything from your life(bad habits, bad people, negative thinking, etc), go for a slow end. So the gut-wrenching feeling of instability and incompleteness does not cloud your mind during the process of removal.

751 Too many are busy doing too many things without realising what they are really good at.

752 When you think you can play foul without anyone noticing you, you realise you become blind when everyone starts noticing you.

753 In idleness, we feel we have infinite time, but in a fast-paced world, we realise we have no time.

754 Being an audience in a competition while wishing to be part of it is worse. Playing in a competition and feeling sad after losing is worse. Playing a competition and winning is good. Playing a competition without worrying about the result is better. Not playing in a competition and not being interested in watching the outcome of any competition is best.

755 When a bullshit story can be projected as a good story, a good story can also be presented in a bullshit way. Manipulation occurs in both directions and is not restricted to one.

756 If you have more of something than usually required, then less of it will be used optimally and more of it will be frantically wasted.

757 The sun represents bright light and the shadow represents darkness, but the shadow in sunlight demonstrates how darker days are not forgotten even on bright and shiny days. In contrast, the sunlight in shadow demonstrates how bright light always triumphs over darkness.

758 Goals are easier to achieve when there is a target, but when we get obsessed and stressed out about targets, goal itself becomes baggage.

759 In any landmark incident, the one who starts it or because of whom the incident started is fondly remembered, the majority who take part or are forced to participate in it are forgotten, and the one who analyses and presents the background and details of the incident without distortion to a broader audience is greatly appreciated.

760 Popularity without merit is fragile and undeserving, and merit with no popularity is disappointing and punishing.

761 When you argue without knowing the true subject of your argument, your argument dies before it even begins.

762 Your victories may give you a feeling of success, but complete success isn’t dependent on victory alone. Without even a single victory, a person can be successful in their own and others’ eyes.

762 When needs and demands keep rising with higher expectations, then it is difficult to feel contented as restlessness will always be overpowering.

763 When the same things need to be repeated to the same person multiple times, either he doesn’t hold you as an important person or what you are saying doesn’t seem important enough to get their complete attention.

764 Technology has made us so addicted that even five minutes without digital engagement causes panic and anxiety attacks on all fronts.

765 The person who makes you feel important automatically becomes important to you without indulging in any background check.

766 Backstabbing someone who has no grudges or malice against you requires a high level of inhumanity.

767 One minute of stillness can teach certain things that a thousand hours of non-stop busyness can’t.

768 Drawing people’s attention once is no miracle, but drawing it repeatedly with your craft is a stroke of genius.

769 Small fight with a person : first time is a power show, second time is a warning, multiple time is an explosion as many small fight with same person can snowball into ferociously intense one with potential danger of loss of complete control and maximum physical assault and damage on both side.

770 Yesterday’s events shouldn’t be dragged to the present, and present events shouldn’t be extrapolated to the future. Nothing is permanent. Take it as it comes.



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