50 life lessons part 9

461: Finding relevance in something irrelevant is like finding water in sand: difficult to find but easy to imagine.

462: Time spent watching someone and wishing to be like them is time spent not doing what you want to be known for.

463 You will experience many deaths before you actually die. These deaths make you realise that if you don’t hold your ground strong, it is easy to get pushed downward on a slippery slope, which can destroy everything that you have preserved till now.

464 No matter what the size and shape of the sea is, the water there remains salty. In the same way, no matter how much a person makes her external appearance smooth, if the devil resides inside, the overall personality remains faulty.

465 Panic is only useful for saving your life; however, causing panic in everything loses its utility because more panic neither completes nor simplifies the work.

466 From a distance, you cannot see the purity of others’ character, just as snow also looks clean and spotless from a distance. You can only validate your assumption and conclusion by getting close to it and in touch with it.

467 Lowering your expectations helps you deflate the bubble of ego, which allows you to come to your senses when you get pricked.

468 There will be people in your life who come and go like the wind, but some people will be like thunderstorms, which makes their presence stronger than others. However, thunderstorms are rare and high winds are common.

469 Superstitions are prevalent despite no factual evidence because they allow you to live in your own world of belief. However, the problem comes when you force others to believe this, which itself does not have a solid foundation to stand on.

470 Ordinary people make their mistakes as masters and extraordinary people make their mistakes as servants. That’s why the former lose control after making mistakes and later gain more control over their lives after learning from them.

471: Creativity cannot be forced; you must let go and allow your natural talent to merge with your subject of interest and take its own course.

472 One may have deep knowledge of a specific thing or have general knowledge of many things. As long as knowledge makes you feel good inside and serves your purpose, it is good.

But anyone’s assumption, interpretation, or bias should not be considered as knowledge,rather it should be based on solid, reliable facts.

473 Even if someone speaks several languages, there is no certainty that he can also speak your language too. In the same way, you shouldn’t expect someone who has helped many people to help you when you need them.

474 We must all develop a love-hate relationship with ourselves. Love when you go through rough patches and hate it when everything goes your way. That’s how we keep our emotions in check and stay neutral in all circumstances.

475 Although the eye has a dark spot, it is still our only source of light. Similarly, a person with little hope in himself or herself can be an abundant source of hope for others in dark times.

476 Useless things like gossip and noise draw others’ attention easily, as people believe in burying their inner turbulence in the guise of these. But the hidden worries eventually surface as any disease treated with the wrong medicine can never be cured.

477 You have no reason to have unreasonable thinking, but you may have a lot of unreasonable thinking to avoid proper reason.

478 Good and insightful thoughts don’t come on a continuous basis, but they always come in spurts. That’s why you have to be mentally prepared so you can seize it when it comes and put it to appropriate use.

479 Knowing what to expect and what not to expect is essential for cultivating a healthy relationship. Most scars in relationships happen due to misplaced expectations, where parties involved suffer disappointment and see zero progress.

480 The more you justify your bad behaviour, the more you get swallowed by the absurdity of your thoughts and the more you allow your credibility to slip away like quicksand, which once gone leaves no traces of it.

481 Presenting simple things in a complicated way is an art of projecting your shallow knowledge in a sophisticated manner, only to be grasped and understood by no one else but you.

482 The chaotic thoughts inside cannot be explained clearly to others. If you knew what was going on inside, then you could have resolved it.

483: New is new for a while, and it loses its novelty once people accept it as the new normal.”

484 In a crowd, it is easiest to get in, hard to adjust to, and most difficult to exit willingly without seeking others’ permission.

485 Those who believe they have conquered the world must not forget that many greats have died before they were born and many greats will be born after they have died.

486: The reason we seek popularity from others is the same reason that brings disappointment from others when the tables are turned.

487 As your quality of thought improves, you find opportunities for new beginnings, but when your thoughts deteriorate, you feel doomed to be late.

489 Any access to power without merit ends bad as people will now expose your hidden weak spot even more aggressively. Nobody can enjoy fruit for long by stealing it from someone. Master your craft before attempting to ascend to power.

490 If we have already judged someone negatively before we speak to them, then why would we engage in a conversation with them? Why did we drag out the conversation for so long if we didn’t have any meaningful experience from it?

491 Most people don’t want to use their brains all their lives. That’s why entertainment wins over intelligence among the masses.

492 Real victory does not imply defeating others in a game played by a few, but rather making a meaningful contribution to the laggards in a game played by all.

493 Many organisms that are invisible to us help us survive by making the environment sustainable. In the same way, humans can also help others to survive without coming into the limelight . Any Samaritan act extended to others is always remembered in one way or another.

494 When you are in a chain of dependence where your good or bad performance is affecting others’ results in a good or bad way, you can never make yourself comfortable being there as others will always poke you frequently to get their work done through you and you can never be at liberty to do work at your pace and in your own way.

495 False hope from others is worse than hopelessness inside. Hopelessness is what makes you realise you are at the bottom and that you must start over with double the effort. However, false hope deceives us into believing that things aren’t as terrible as they seem, and thus robs us of our earnest effort and determination.

496 When you call yourself wise, others don’t become stupid, and when you call others stupid, you don’t become wise. Your opinion means nothing unless it is validated by tangible proof.

People not only want to live in this world, but they also want to do so with dignity. Your service that provides value to others is what gives you dignity.

498 Everything that was once forcibly captured got liberated after some time to gain its true independence. In the same way, a mind that has been forcibly captured by others comes out of its shackles after developing an independent understanding.

499 When people start taking you for granted and taking advantage of you, be unpredictable with your behaviour changes so they realise you are not easily accessible and seek help only when it is critical, rather than whenever they need it for even minor problems.

500 Lies travel quickly because anyone can spice and flavour them to make them entertaining, but the truth travels slowly because it is dull and must be presented as it is.

501 Never participate in the drama created by others. Although with participation, you feel relaxed, you are surrendering your independence to others and making yourself part of the herd.

502 The opinion of those matters to whom you can turn to and seek help in a time of need without any hesitation. The rest of the opinions don’t hold much relevance.

503 Despite all reasons for not being ignored, if you find yourself still being ignored in real life, you must embrace unprectability as an integral part in due course of journey.

504 Every time people judge you on the basis of the past, you need to remind them “can you go back to the past?”. If not, why bring up the memory of the past, especially if it is doing no good?

505 If hanging out with someone or indulging in something makes you lose control over yourself, then these companions must be cut off at the earliest without any lingering thoughts.

506 If all good things happen to you very quickly, then you will be less appreciative of things that happen gradually, which will further rob you of patience and make it difficult to condition your mind for playing a long-term game.

507 The journey of being a genius has a story of madness attached to it.

508 When there is no space for error in your work, norms and boundaries have been clearly established, and the likelihood of trying something novel or taking a different course is reduced.

509 Don’t let your power be devoured by inner (worry, stress, etc.) and exterior (foul-mouthed, ego-centric people) monsters while you don’t even attempt to defend yourself.

510 Consider whether your own justification has satisfied you before justifying your actions to others. If the answer is no, it will be challenging to persuade others for the same reasons you are unable to persuade yourself.



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