50 Life lessons part 13

Debjeet Das
7 min readSep 19, 2022


661 Some people are dead to you while they are alive, and some are alive in your heart while they have died long ago. The nature of relationships you share with others has a deep impact on your heart and mind.

662 No matter how many games you play, you have to win some to make it memorable. Players are not remembered, only winners are.

663 Consistent thought becomes challenging, like consistent behaviour, as different situations require different versions of you.

664 Wherever you have made an entry, you have to exit at some point. You may stay for an extended period of time; you may not want to leave; others may wish to see you stay indefinitely; but departure is unavoidable.No “one place” solely belongs to you, only the chain of events you are part of.

You make your entry after someone goes, someone else makes an entry after your exit, and the process continues.

665 If you have no idea where things are heading, you have no business in telling others what one should do next.

666 If others don’t know what they want, help them figure it out rather than putting it into their heads what “you” want.

667 Everyone has their own way of life. They are going to live the life they want to live. You don’t need to copy them. Neither do you have to develop a distaste for them. Embrace others’ lives as well as your own in an equally respectful way.

668 Always be sceptical of optimism built out of optimism. It’s like a bubble that flies to some extent before bursting when you want it to fly further.

669 There is a difference between feeling foolish and acting foolish. In feeling foolish, you are giving yourself scope for improvement, and in acting foolish, you are creating a problem for yourself by reinforcing a habit again and again with no added benefit.

670. Anything that forces you to give up your freedom and independence for a better life prospect is not worth pursuing or appreciating.

671 Any problem that is being approached with “why is it happening?” And investigating “what led to what?” rather than harping for a solution from the very beginning is always a clever and smart way to go, as knowledge of the background always helps in guiding a forward path.

672 You cannot expect to hit a bulls-eye while throwing darts in the dark. Similarly, you cannot make your life memorable and inspiring if you are directionless.

673 There is a difference between “want” and “can”.

“Want” means uncontrolled dreaming while sleeping, and “can” means a dream that can’t let you sleep and keeps you awake for powerful action.

674 You will keep surrendering yourself to others’ priorities, forgetting your own, if your priorities are unclear. By following others’ priorities, you will train your mind to follow their priorities instead of your own.

675 Before embarking on making a difference in the world, ask these questions:

How is it to be done?

Why is it required to be done?

What resources and capabilities are required to get it done?

When questions become clearer in your mind, the answers that you arrive at will not look confused.

676 Things that the impatient eye misses will be found by the patient and waiting eye in the same place where they were previously searched.

677: There is no guarantee that something bad that has happened in the past will happen again in the future.Past outcomes have no relevance in deciding present and future outcomes unless the mindset and results of the past are intentionally dragged to the future to make yourself the culprit of your crime.

678 Nobody can turn you from good to bad but yourself.

Nobody but you can make you go from bad to good but yourself.

Blaming others or finding an excuse for your downfall and praying to God for your rise and upswing journey is a characteristic of a weak mind who wants to shift all his responsibilities to others.

679 If someone is not ready to ditch past perceptions about you and doesn’t want to see you with fresh eyes, then preconceived bias will always exist in that person and no meaningful and open conversation can ever be had.

680 Objective thinking without bias can only come with learning, knowledge, and experience, but there is no guarantee that all those learned , experienced, and knowledgeable resort to objective thinking without herd mentality and biassed pursuit.

681 All mindless pursuits in life stem from the inability to tolerate boredom and loneliness, or from the desire to impress others for no and vague reasons.

682 You are not better than others, nor are you worse.You are what you are — and you need to accept, think, live, and move on with it.

683 Getting alms with others’ will is nice, but forcibly asking for alms against others’ will is a sin.

684. Pretending to help without providing any assistance vs. providing all assistance without pretending distinguishes fake from real, casual from committed, deceptive from trustworthy.

685 What is good for individual may not be good for society as selfishness of one can cause thousand cuts in others but what is good for society may eventually percolate down to individual in nicer way.

686 When you try to hide something from someone, instead of diverting their attention, you generate more curiosity in them and they get more focused on finding out about hidden things.

687 If you show your weakness to the right people, you will get lots of guidance for improvement, but if you show it to the wrong people, they will get lots of fodder for nonsense gossip where your weakness serves as the focal point.

688 Too much engagement in daily activities without dedicating some time to building up your inner thought process is detrimental as you will always be drowned by short-term work or events without building a big picture perspective and eventually not be able to expand your horizons.

689 A touch of love from a person can win over hatred from thousands of people. Love wins over hate any time.

690 Getting ideas is good, but the details are a beast. Your ideas can be copied ,but the details one carries out for the execution of an idea cannot be copied. The path followed here will vary from person to person.

691 Role models never feel the need to advertise themselves to project themselves better than others. Their actions, work, and duties define them and pull many others towards them.

692: In a society where a few have more privileges and rights than many, exploitation of the excluded is unavoidable.

693 Everywhere, abuse of power to suppress people is more prevalent than use of power to uplift people.

694 Time will always defeat you, and nature will always defeat you if you go against them. Sometimes wisdom lies in acknowledging defeat and stopping fighting the lost battles ,instead starting over to fight new battles with renewed vigour.

695 Grave problems often storm into our lives from the areas we least expect them to come from.

696 If one tries to cover up another’s success to flaunt his own success, then people will become less interested in the value of success. They will become more interested in the selfishness and narrow-mindedness of a person.

697. When someone produces outstanding results while making things appear easy, he either has a God-given talent or his hard work and commitment are unrivaled.

698. You have everything to lose if you are afraid to lose, and nothing to lose if you accept loss as a natural part of life.

699 I have no reason to learn more about you and your whereabouts when you have every reason to avoid me without any reason.

700 When you have cried enough in your life, make life cry for you once as a final blow from your side.

701 When you keep on doing something , even after assuring others that you will not do it further, it means you are addicted to it. If it is a bad one, it will make you pay a heavy price, but if it is a good one, the price paid will be worth every penny.

702 If someone is judging you by your appearance, then their smile cannot hide the dark thoughts that are permeating their mindset.

703 Your probability of getting duped by a sophisticated literate person who forcibly sells their product/services(which has zero benefit) with their overfriendly nature is higher than that of an illiterate thief .

The former can attack your lifelong savings in your bank account, but the latter will later seize your possessions that are only physically available at that moment.

704 When you are flooded with emotions, never drag your conversation too long, where you can spill too much of your secret, which you will regret later.

705 The more serious the subject, the less interest most people show, and pointless debate always gets the most attention.You cannot engage in serious topics with a group of people who want mostly entertainment.

706 If in order to do something requires the approval of many authorities, involving many people, then the following possibilities are

a-end product/version that deviates far too much from the original thought prototype

b-The end product/version will never see the light of day as it will be buried under the heavy weight of many restrictions.

c-Embroiled in rampant corruption where everyone takes their piece of cake before granting permission.

707 If one changes their preference from time to time very frequently, then consistent decision making weakens and focus on the project from beginning to end fades away as many different engaging things come in between to distract attention.

708 The path of least resistance remains the preferred choice of many, but after travelling for a while, when the path becomes so crowded that you don’t find any space to move further, the earlier easy ride becomes a source of disadvantage.

709 The bitterness of loss always lingers in the mind longer than the sweetness of gain.

710: The longer you stick with something, the more difficult it will be to abandon it when it no longer serves a purpose or when the facts change.



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