50 Life lessons Part 12

611 People who assume that others will spend time with them as and when they ask for it must also realize that others’ time is just as valuable as their own. Without a basic understanding of this, their demand will mostly be rejected.

612 If you are constantly obsessed with results before starting anything, you will neither be able to start nor have any results in your hands.

613: Too much planning before working often leads to insufficient or no work after planning.

614 If you are rude to others for no reason, others will avoid or ignore you for every reason.

615 Don’t curse yourself that you couldn’t become like others, but curse yourself. Why did the thought of becoming like others ever cross your mind ? And why can’t you be yourself first and last?

616 Your dream may or may not assist you in achieving your goals, but it will undoubtedly aid you in avoiding situations that you’d never want to be part of.

617 If you love something, you will find it beautiful amidst everything, and if you hate something, you will find its fault even if there is nothing.

618 You have every chance to get swindled and fooled by smooth talkers. Think twice before agreeing to any of their demands.

619 Never pretend to assist someone who you are unable to assist for whatever reason. Instead of relieving them from their pain, you are unknowingly adding salt to their injury.

620 When someone has a poisonous mindset and engages in poisonous behavior, they can’t see anything positive and find solace in destroying everything.

621 Protecting the independence and integrity of your own territory is essential for anyone, from man to animal. Any hint of danger will make everyone alert to fight tooth and nail against any kind of danger from any direction.

No one will give up control of their territory easily, and that’s why any mild attack rages into a furious attack in no time.

622 The more you ask your close ones not to spill beans about your personal affair, the more they will have the urge to reveal it to others by passing your earnest request to make it a topic of gossip and fun.

623 Your thousand failures can be easily overshadowed by one decent success among those who don’t know you personally, but even your thousand successes won’t make someone forget about your failure who knows you personally and can’t stand you as a person.

624 Ideas and products/services that come out of it that are not helping mankind and nature should not be encouraged to spread as it can easily be the source of many destabilisations, which can never be the first and preferred choice of any.

625 The less time you spend on discovering and learning about others, the better it is. The more time you spend on discovering your inner self, the better it is.

626 Even with no incentive, people will go where they see value and try to stay there to grab an opportunity, and even with all incentive, people will stop , rethink, and not go far away if they see no value in pursuing it.

627 If some decision is not working, ask yourself why? So, to prevent the same error from happening again, if some decision is working, ask why?, so you can make it work again and again.

One-time success or failure is easily forgotten when it gets repeated and compounded over a period of time. That’s what makes a difference of making you or breaking you strongly.

628 The right amount of salt enhances the flavour of food, but when we taste the salt in sea water, it tastes awful. Similarly, laughter improves our health, but when we use the same laughter to make others’ misfortune, it looks terrible from every angle.

629 When the restlessness of man lies in demanding too many things from life, either he ends up getting nothing or he ends up being confused about what he really wants in life.

630 Your authority lies in mastering your craft skilfully, not dictating others to try to gain control over them.

631 The best part of your true work is created during times of dullness, not during periods of excitement.

632 Beautiful thoughts come to your mind all of a sudden, out of nowhere. No amount of force effort can make this happen, even with its full strength.

633 If tiny changes don’t make any difference in your life, then big changes won’t either.

634 Agreement with someone doesn’t mean that our thought processes work similarly; it only means that our opinion on this issue has somewhat converged.

635 Never pick up work with two hands when the same work can be done with one hand, repeated twice in a short period of time. Getting yourself overloaded and exhausted too early too quickly is not a hallmark of a long-term fighter.

636 Everything has a way of being relevant at some point in time, whether through force, deception, chance, or natural means. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

637 Anything you have experienced may not be necessary that you have understood. Anything you have understood may not be necessary that you have experienced.

638 It is easy to refute others’ answers but equally painful to search for your own answer that can stand the test of time. That’s why most people engage in a futile world of useless debate, and wise ones silently stay away from it.

639 Many can spend their life finding fault in others. It is easy. But the true character of man lies in walking shoulder to shoulder to understand someone’s fault, correct the fault, and bring to the table many potential solutions to help avoid the fault later.

640 In chasing new things for a better future, we fall in love with things of the past by constantly reminiscing about them.

641 One who considers themselves to be the centre of attraction either has an immense urge to be recognised or has many proven skills to magnetically pull others’ attention.

642 One who never does anything is always under the impression that there is little that can be done, whereas one who does things believes that everything can be redone in a better way.

643 The one who never acknowledges others’ efforts always ends up being shamelessly abused by everyone else.

644 Your level of happiness lies with your level of contentment, and your level of contentment lies with the level of adjustment you make to the changing needs of the situation.

645 Whether you are a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond, if you play dirty ,your escape won’t be easy and someone or other will catch you to give you the test of your own medicine.

646 When addressable opportunity is huge, don’t fight with someone for the same spot, because when there is so much empty, unoccupied yet fertile ground there ,why go to an already crowded place where there is little to no juice left to explore on your own?

647 If you are playing the game of first being served first, then this game has already been played by many, won by many, and lost by many. Play the game where your timing doesn’t matter, but your substance and uniqueness matter to make a mark.

648 The saying of a ‘one-time opportunity is misleading’ because there can be multiple amazing opportunities spread across different phases of life. You have to be equally enthusiastic about different opportunities that come at different times. Never start languishing after missing the first few.

649 All of the things we couldn’t get and cried about in the past look silly when viewed from the present. So many things get swallowed with the passage of time without making much difference or impact in personal life.

650 You don’t know what you don’t know; you don’t change your answer due to others’ insults, but you can change your answer when others make an effort to help you gain an understanding of it, which eventually leads to an appropriate answer.

651 Be your own missile; start on your own with the ignition of resolute will, launch without fear, travel through turbulent air without deviation, and reach your destination using laser focus navigation.

652 Let others’ ideas of success for you be their treasure to keep for themselves.Your crown, your treasure, will be decided by no one other than you based on your terms.

653 Asking for little when you deserve more is an insult to your skill, which you have honed and nurtured for days in and days out, and it requires proper incentives for further grooming.

654 The urge to lie comes from the urge to hide something, and the urge to hide reflects that one is more inclined to present the positive side of the coin while suppressing the negative side to make things more acceptable.

655 Anything achievable doesn’t mean it is easy, and anything easy does not mean it doesn’t require any effort. If one is unable to put even the minimum effort in order to get things, then nothing much can be said or done.

656 Others may trick you into doing things you shouldn’t have done in the first place in order to keep them safe and push you into the red zone, so the entire blame can be shifted to you if something goes wrong while they conveniently avoid all responsibilities.

Never say ‘yes’ immediately to another person’s request. Alertness of mind is crucial to save yourself from the trap of others’ foul play .

657 When you pace yourself in a fast-paced world, time appears to vanish in thin air in an instant, but when you slow yourself down, time also appears to move slowly.

658 The act of conversation becomes futile when you talk about everything but conveniently suppress the most important thing that is turning your insides upside down.

659 When success stands on another success, it strengthens you like a solid stone, but when one misery comes after another misery, it makes you fragile like glass, which may get broken even with the slightest impact.

660 Real happiness cannot be communicated since it cannot be stated in words; rather, it only has a tinkling impact inside. Only those moments of happiness that are deemed to be joyous by others can be shared.



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