50 life lessons part 11

Debjeet Das
8 min readSep 12, 2022


560 Using others’ failures as an excuse for your own failure is foolish. Instead of hiding behind the failures of others, acknowledge your own shortcomings. Otherwise, how will you improve?

561 The person who realises how valuable walking is for generating ideas and solving deep problems will never be tempted to adopt a sedentary lifestyle.

562 Building trust in someone is a process that happens naturally and slowly as one spends time with others and builds confidence in them as a person.

You cannot earn the trust of someone by simply begging in front of them to trust you.

563 As long as people don’t want to know about you, don’t get the urge to talk about you because your words will get lost in midway before reaching someone’s ears.

564 Even as a person grows to adulthood and ages, the child within never leaves. It is suppressed to not look weird in front of others.

565 Truth is like a brave warrior. One who goes to the battlefield without fear fights till its last breath, but if it doesn’t get back up from behind, it will be crushed and pulled apart by a group of rivals. A lone warrior can put up a fight up to a point, but beyond that, his power gets neutralised.

566 When a complicated topic is conveyed in a complicated way, the net result is zero. Neither the speaker clearly explains what he is talking about, nor does the listener fully understand what they are listening to.

567 If anything you say needs to be overexplained to others, then it means either the person doesn’t have basic knowledge of the topic you are talking about, or the person has a biassed or contradictory thought process which is restricting him from accepting others’ views.

568 Giving too many details about yourself in the first few meetings may look good in the short term, but it does not work well in the long term because the person has all the ideas about you and there is little room for an element of surprise, which is required for a person to be called interesting.

569 What others think about you is their problem. Don’t make it yours. They may have lots of free time to analyse you. But you must focus on your own problems so that you cannot shift them to others. Spend your time and energy on valuable problems that are worth paying attention to.

Our time is limited, so the selection of problems that we want to think about and solve should also be limited.

570 Encroaching on others’ territory despite clear signs of no encroachment is a fatal mistake. Once the response becomes furious and a ravaging attack comes your way, there is little chance to defend with no armour in hand, and you won’t be able to escape before resorting to serious damage.

When you don’t have any serious business in another territory, stay away.

571The depth of darkness grows stronger when you stop searching for light after struggle and defeat.

572 Strong and sturdy trees that are grown out of seeds are always visible to the human eye, but the seeds that shaped their growth are always buried beneath the ground.

Similarly, the foundations of learning and teaching that shape your growth will never be visible to others, but these things are the driving forces that enable you to stand tall and strong.

573 An act of progress always brings comfort, but a life of comfort never brings a sign of progress.

574 Thoughts that don’t come naturally will always find their existence for a shorter period of time and will often be forgotten when needed.

575 The roads that you followed didn’t become good due to your participation, and the roads that you avoided didn’t become bad due to your non-participation.

The choices that you are proud of don’t necessarily make others also feel proud by following the same choice.

576 Many live their lives to the best of their abilities, but only a few are remembered. But one who is remembered never lived life to the best of their abilities.

577 Learn to stop when you are moving fast but don’t know where you are moving . Sometimes, high speed with no direction may cause you to enter a zone where there is a high chance of a fatal accident.

578 Convincing others by saying “tried & tested” doesn’t mean trying beyond its usage and testing beyond its limit. In either way, one gets broken piece.

579. The more you overthink, the deeper you sink into a sea of meaningless thoughts.

580 Like waves, people’s natures remain pleasant in shallow water, but they become ferocious in deep water. As long as people follow the philosophy of “live and let live”, there is no problem, but when one starts to encroach on a private affair without mutual consent, it takes no time for an individual to turn from a pleasant personality to a ferocious personality in self-defence.

581 A person’s ego not only becomes its own enemy as it takes away inner peace but also attracts enemies from outside.

582 All cannot convert information to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom. Only a few can, and the ones who do make a mark on their lives.

583: The traditional knife, which is known for its sharpness, dulls when it comes into frequent contact with hard material.Similarly, the class of a person gets eroded by engaging in trash talk frequently.

584 Habits are easier to inculcate when you do not have many options to choose from. You will follow it knowingly or unknowingly in order to avoid being idle ,as idleness is itself a punishment for many.

585: When your house is on fire, crawling like a caterpillar is not an option, and moving at lightning speed is not advisable when the house is built from the ground up.

586 Having fun while doing work doesn’t mean one is taking things lightly, but it is done to restore focus that gets lost due to absenteeism and drudgery at work.

587 People will keep fighting with each other as long as the chain of needs and wants keeps governing their lives.

588 Clearly stating “NO” is always difficult since the possibility of hurting others is high. However, a clear NO always weighs heavier than a vague YES, which stands on high hopes but no action.

589 Words are powerful weapons. If they strike the right chord with others, they can change others’ lives in meaningful ways. If they are misunderstood or spread in the wrong way, they can negatively impact your life.

590 Effective thinking can only happen when we think about one thing at a time. When we start thinking about everything at a time, we end up thinking nothing.

Our body only functions andmovese well when all its parts are joined and integrated. It cannot function with different parts moving at different places.

591 There is a good probability that you will forget about an important project if you put it off and plan to finish it later, since your mind will be engaged with a flurry of more recent assignments and you won’t have time to go back and complete the crucial one.

592 The person who lends money to others never forgets it. Regardless of how much the borrower plays tricks on him, either by avoiding him or acting extra sweet to him. The lender will always curse the borrower until the loan is fully repaid.

The lender not asking for repayment aggressively doesn’t mean he has forgotten about it, but a gentle reminder that the borrower should pay back as a duty, not as a favour.

593 Hubris and ego, which is lost in its own abyss, can never march down the path of greatness.

594 Order can only be brought into work when work is done quietly without much fuss. Opening the work for unnecessary attention before finishing it brings disordered chaos that takes away focus and seriousness from work and must be avoided at any cost.

595 Seeking entertainment by spreading bad words is like polluting water by throwing garbage. Things that you started as fun will end up harming you eventually.

596. A goal that you decide and set for yourself will keep you more motivated than a goal that someone else decides for you.

597. Avoid speaking on topics about which you are unfamiliar, and you will save yourself from many unnecessary attacks.Play on your strength rather than exposing vulnerabilities unnecessarily.

598 People’s tastes and choices change at lightning fast speed when they are flooded with too many options .

Anything which people find attractive and praiseworthy one moment becomes dull and boring the next moment. The fickle-minded nature of humans doesn’t allow them to be satisfied with any one thing for long.

599 When you are in the process of creating something like a book, art, products, services, companies, etc that has a high degree of originality, it will always take time, as the most effective results are often produced when things move with a natural flow. Anything involving novelty cannot be rushed, and only imitations can be produced quickly.

600 No wise person takes others’ advice at face value without verifying it on their own. An independent mind, which is a mark of wisdom, always carries an element of suspicion in its head.

601Emotions can change very quickly. That’s why guiding life with too many emotions is like playing with fire.

602 If hype is created for you and you live up to the hype, then you are setting the stage for something big and extraordinary to happen your way.

603 News channels and newspapers, which were once considered sources of knowledge, have devolved into dens of propaganda, biased information, and useless chaos.

The earlier you understand that these add no value to your life, the better you will be able to think in an unbiased and objective way.

604 The practise of making others slaves at gunpoint was employed by many powerful men in the past. When power shifts and the gun is pointed the opposite way, the consequences remain catastrophic with no opportunity to escape, no moment of sympathy, and more chances for vengeance.

You have to lie often to be in the good books of others. But to be on good terms with yourself, you have to figure out what made you lie.

606 Many valuable things have been written, many valuable speeches have been delivered, and many significant incidents have occurred in the past.

But when these are still repeated ,it is treated as something new ,something happening for the first time. People have no time to look at the lessons of history. They don’t care about learning from the past. That is why history keeps repeating and keeps shocking us.

607 Money made too quickly, too quickly beyond your ability, will be lost too quickly, too easily, and without your knowledge.

608 When others’ demands become unreasonable, you have to stop entertaining them. Without putting a stop to it, either they will bankrupt you (intellectually,financially) or they will get power to control you at their will.

609 If someone is so immersed in his happiness that he becomes ignorant or insensitive to others’ sorrow, then very few will be happy with him.

610. A defeated person remains silent because he has nothing to prove to the world. But his silence is powerful as it allows him to guide life from his own perspective without being polluted by the perspective of society.



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