50 life lessons part 10

511 When you are happy, you want to pull your sad moments closer to your heart, but when you are sad, you want to push and distance yourself from your past happier moments.

512 If everything had been achieved by you in your 1st attempt and there was no struggle ,then motivation and hunger might not run for a long time and life would be pretty boring.

513 Any friend who reminds you of past setbacks and misfortune in any argumentative conversation is masking their self-ego and devilish behaviour in the guise of fake kindness and sweetness from the front, and the earlier you move away from them, the better it is.

514 Others’ conclusion that some work is better than others is ridiculous and doubtful as these consensus are made by herds who themselves are bankrupt in their thinking and also don’t have meaningful things to do. That’s why they indulge in nonsensical exercise.

515 If someone has a horrific childhood past, then she cannot fully enjoy the future. Some element of sadness is always hidden in the spring of happiness.

516 If the root is crooked, the branches cannot be straight; similarly, if a child’s negative attitude was promoted, one may anticipate some hint of mischief in his behaviour as an adult.

517 In spite of the fact that water is essential for our survival, if you play with boiled water, you can get badly hurt. Likewise, close friends and family play an invaluable role in our lives. If you fail to communicate sensitively with them when they are struggling through a difficult emotional time, the relationship could end abruptly.

518 Gaining trust by deceiving others is like driving a fast bike in a narrow lane. When everything is working well, nothing happens, but when a crash occurs, everything that has been put in place up to that point will quickly fall apart in pieces.

519. Every stupid mistake causes us to rethink our approach and ignites our minds to find a way to avoid repeating it.

520 During autumn, trees’ leaves turn from lush green to pale before falling off, but their roots remain intact. Similarly, roots are your mindset and leaves define success and setbacks. If your positive mindset is intact, whether you succeed or fail, your mental strength will not be weakened.

521 The person who talks too much makes it seem as though they are knowledgeable and have many interesting experiences to share, but murky water also appears deep from a distance.

522 Deep thinking cannot happen by hanging around in groups. Socialisation is good for relaxation, but thinking happens in isolation.

523 You cannot change human behaviour so easily. You have to give them tools to work with that are convenient, easy to use, accessible when needed, and have a positive outcome after implementation. These tools serve as a ladder to make perceptible change. No amount of preaching and campaigning can change human behaviour.

524 A person becomes restless and can pay any amount for the things they desperately need, and the same person may conveniently ignore and hesitate to shell out even a penny for the urgent needs of others.

525 The fact that someone close to you is wealthy does not mean he will support you financially if you need it.

The fact that someone close to you is poor does not mean they won’t share whatever they have to help you escape your woes.

526 When the roads are bumpy, you must drive slowly so that the shock absorber of the vehicle works properly and you do not feel the heat. Similarly, when life is going through a rough patch, you must tread carefully so that, in an attempt to overcome smaller problems, you do not create larger problems.

527. Being immersed in colourful nature actively stimulates our hearts and minds. In the same way, interaction with a person with a colourful personality removes drudgery from within.

528 The excitement inside you to begin or continue something must not be buried by others’ ill-conceived taunts. Many will come and say many things, but you have to do what you want to do at any cost.

529 Many dreams remain unmaterialized because short-term fantasy pushes them to such an unimaginable level that focus and pragmatism don’t remain intact and shatter quickly.

530 When a match stick lies untouched , it stays silent, but when it is dragged along a rough surface, it ignites up in the air. Same way, the fire inside us grows stronger when we have some bruises along the way.

531 Keep it brief and to the point if you want them to grasp what you’re saying.

If you want to force others to agree to your point, make it so long that they lose interest in it in the middle and eventually accept it out of boredom rather than due to consensus.

Similar to terms and conditions, the message is so lengthy that we often check the box without ever reading it.

More value can be gained from making others comprehend what you are saying than from getting them to agree with your position.

532 If you can teach others “how to think on their own and act without being influenced by others’,” it is the most beautiful gift you can give to others. Every other outcome in life is a derivative of these two.

533 No matter how far a star is from us, its twinkling and brightness make its presence felt. Similarly, the greatness of others always has a profound impact on us, regardless of how far they are from us.

534 It is impossible to excel at something where interest and passion have not been cultivated from the inside.

535 There are as many ways to fall into a trap as there are to escape it by defeating it. Although the situation may change, hope should never be abandoned since hope remains the first line of defence in any situation.

536. You take a shower not only to remove dirt but also to refresh yourself.Similarly, you take a risk not only to get out of monotony but also to build a new future.

537. Daylight encourages us to leave our homes, while darkness draws us back to the four walls of our homes for safety.Similarly, positive light within us pushes us out of our comfort zone to explore, while negativity pulls us back to the confinement of comfort to help us feel secure.

538 “Drama” looks entertaining but lacks substance. The more you dance to the tune of drama and get absorbed by it, more you walk away from a life of reverence and substance.

539: Thunderstorms come in flashes, but their sound lasts a long time in the ears.Shocks come in spurts, but their impact penetrates deep inside the heart.

540 No matter how good a fruit looks from the outside, unless one peels off its skin, one won’t get its true taste. Similarly, no matter how good an idea looks from the outside, unless it’s put to use, one can never find out how useful it can be.

541 Presentation of valuable thoughts in an aggressive manner loses its value before reaching others’ ears, as delivery of thought matters as much as quality of thought.

542 A person can be hurt many times by talking to another person, but a person can never be hurt by talking to himself or herself.

543 Many things happen when nothing is supposed to happen, and nothing happens when many things are supposed to happen. The earlier you embrace the twists and turns of life, the better shock absorption capacity you will have in your life.

544 Rules are made to bring order ,so there is no chaos. But if you tie your mind with rules, you restrict your power to explore ideas and, eventually, you confine your destiny like a caged bird.

Without some chaos within, you cannot step up into paradigm shift thinking.

545 Others will not internalise your suggestion unless they have first experienced it for themselves.That’s why mistakes of the past get repeated in the present and will get repeated in the future.

546 Working with too many emotions affects the quality of your work. The place where the brain has to rule allows it to rule without any space being invaded by the heart.

547 The difference between questioning and criticising yourself is that questioning allows you to find your fault and work upon it to make a comeback, while criticising makes the existing problem grow bigger to the point of no return.

548 No matter how much clean water there is, if it is stagnant and dirt gets into it, the beauty and cleanliness will quickly fade.

Similar to this, if your life has become stagnant and you have been the target of verbal abuse, your prior successes cannot be protected.

Similar to how moving water soaks up all the dirt, a life that is active and moving responds forcefully to any attack.

549 — One stupid answer from you can persuade others not to follow you, so silence has strength that is unseen, and it plays an important role when required and needed.

550 The ones who don’t like you — let them make no attempt to see you — and the ones whom you don’t like — let you make no attempt to see them.

Forced relationships never work. Relationships have to be smooth in order to show their magic.

551 Some problems in life are complicated and some are simple. If we keep ignoring complicated problems and keep making simpler ones complicated, then lessons learned will be incomplete and there are more chances of screwing things up later.

552 Any crap, no matter how elegantly it is presented, will still be crap. If the core element is flawed, then beautification at the periphery won’t add much value.

553 Others may have a thousand interpretations of you, but you know the best version of yourself. Protect it at all cost.

554 All of the questions you have have already been addressed by learned people in the past. You can read it and learn from it once you get access to it, which might benefit you immensely.

555 What restricts you holds the key to your freedom. By exploring the reasons behind it, you’ll be able to unlock it. Instead of reaching out to someone who has no idea what’s going on inside your head.

Closed doors should be unlocked with the right key to avoid damage. If you hold the wrong keys, doors can only be opened by breaking them, causing more harm in the process.

556. The irony of human beings is that they expect others to be truthful while speaking outright lies with no shame.

They want others to be transparent when they themselves are opaque from the inside out.

They want to meddle in others’ lives without wanting to be meddled in their own.

557 Whenever there is demand for anything, supply will always follow it, and if demand is basic , then the low hanging fruits of opportunity will be grabbed by many. If there is no quality control, excess supply will cause a glut with no takers, rendering it useless quickly.

558 Never explain anything to someone who wants your explanation for entertainment purposes and who uses your explanation to make it a gossip topic to entertain himself and others.

559 — Intelligent people never brag about their intelligence in public.Humility and simplicity are the characteristics of intelligence at its core. Excessive bragging about one’s intelligence will quickly tarnish with time.

560 Giving others’ failure in doing the same thing as an excuse for your own failure is foolishly bad. Reason out your failure by identifying your own shortcomings instead of hiding behind the failures of others. Otherwise, how will you improve?



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