50 life lesson part 7

Debjeet Das
7 min readAug 24, 2022

301 When people ignore the probability of unpleasant surprises in the hope of too much positive expectation, even a slight negative occurrence can take us by storm, causing us to lose control over the situation entirely.

302 Laughing at your imaginary jokes is a secret weapon that can help you come out of pangs of depression.

303 Your ability to get deceived by others in a happy mood is far greater than in a sad mood. Sadness brings scepticism while happiness evades it.

304 Anything that is stretched beyond its limit either gets broken down or gains new strength at the threshold of maximum pain.

305 The only things you can do regularly for the longest time without getting stressed out are those you enjoy doing.

306 For your opinion to be long-lasting, it has to have a proper reason behind it and must connect with your inner deep philosophy.

Your inner philosophy is by product of life which you have experienced, your learnings, things you have tried, people you hang around with , and the conscious thinking you engage in.

307 In your deepest of worries, your bravest of ideas originates.

308 When music finds its rhythm, its tune becomes more melodious to hear; similarly, when you learn to follow your own rhythm, many unnecessary complexities in your life are removed, and more clarity of thought emerges.

309 When you feel insecure financially, socially, or personally, many raging thoughts cross your mind, which takes control over you and becomes difficult to handle sometimes.

310 The memory of past which you spent alone is forgotten easily but the memories of spending time with others(good or bad) is remembered vividly.

311When an individual asks you to follow something ,you put various question marks over it, doubting the motive, but when a group asks you to follow something, you blindly follow it quickly.

In the former case ,some sense of self-authority is dictating you, but in the latter case, you feel powerless.

312 Those connections last long where you share same purpose(aka like-minded) or you need some help from that person at some point, rest all connections falls apart midway.

313 Anyone who shouts while making an argument either knows he doesn’t have sufficient evidence to back up his arguments or knows that his arguments have many loopholes which he wants to hide from others.

314 If you spend too much time consuming information without blocking some time to think about that information, the theory that you have learned will not be put into practise effectively.

315 Understanding why something will go wrong and taking steps to stop it from happening will help you overcome the worry of “what if something goes wrong?”

316 If someone say you that their work is more important and worthy than yours, then it’s his illusion which is created by his narrow minded nature. No need to engage in counter-argument as it waste of time. Just laugh it off at his ignorance.

317 Any fight that is dragged for a very long period will end up with no conclusion or achieve objectives that were not intended to be achieved in the first place.

318 Avoid being in groups when you are going through emotional turbulence. Groups on the negative side could entice you to take part in an unpleasant incident, which might exacerbate your current issue and make you regret it afterwards.

One on one conversation or meeting with a close person is most suitable thing to do.

319 The first few steps of your long dream are often met with challenges of criticism,hopelessness,deep anguish,mockery and no support from others, but if you pass through that stage with your strong resolve,there is no stoppage.

320 Courage to enter into something that is unfamiliar, wisdom to persue it with grit , ability to master it and grow and scale it up for larger section of society is dream of most and achieved by few. Be one of the “few.”

321 Anyone who can order you to do their work in their own way, according to their terms and conditions, instilling fear in you of being punished if something goes wrong, making you feel proud for finishing their job, and all you want in return is compensation and perks for survival, has conveniently made you a slave.

322 Good times can quickly turn bad. Excessive indulgence in self-praising in good times will attract more envy from others and more will pounce upon you during bad times. To be safe. Be neutral either in success or failure.

323 Anything that force you to lose part of your identity is not worthy to follow.

324 Earning money by fooling others and boasting about is the outcome of your degenerated thought process and it will never fetch you respect among others.

325 Being engaged in work where you don’t have to retire till you die is very fulfilling.

326 Even though other people urge you to carry on, you must stop if your inner voice tells you that something is not worthwhile to pursue. Inner voice matters more than external approval.

327 Nobody will wait for you if you are late. Never regret your delay. The journey that was meant to be done with a companion, now happy to go alone on that journey.

328 Facts supported by data, wisdom supported by experience and awareness, knowledge supported by learning and a lie supported by a chain of other lies.

329 True success is winning over your heart and your mind.

330 Every day comes with a new set of challenges . You must chalk out your plan to fight it effectively without becoming overwhelmed or succumbing to it.

331. If you succeed every time on your first attempt , you will be like a tall, shiny building, which is the centre of attraction for everyone, but when land shakes, it has the possibility to suffer the most damage.

332 When you destroy others ego by showing them ugly truth, you risk 2 things- destroying that relationship permanently and make one more enemy for yourself.

333 Everytime you think what a mess you are, some element of chaos and turbulence built inside you which push you to reinvent and regrow yourself from scratch.

334 Knowing your limitations helps you identify what you are not good at and also raises a question inside you, “Is doing such things necessary?” If you get the answer “No,” you avoid being part of it. You must accept you cannot be good at everything.

For instance, if an introverted person doesn’t enjoy going to social gatherings, he or she should consider if going to those gatherings is really that necessary. If the response is “No,” the person should just skip the meeting instead of harbouring regrets about having gone.

335 The key to avoiding the trap that could have been avoided is to anticipate your danger. When you know that you will be mercilessly attacked after reaching a certain place, why visit there?

336 If you know, beforehand, that someone has nothing good to say about you, don’t hang around with them.

337 Good moments sometimes come from unexpected corners. Don’t prefix your mind that only certain things can give you lasting happiness.

338 Wisdom doesn’t lie in fighting every battle that comes your way, but in deciding which one to fight and which one to walk away from; which one to hold and which one to fold.

339 When you see numerous stars in a clear night sky, these stars show you the path of many bright possibilities in your life. As the stars glow, these possibilities should also glow and survive, and they should not die inside at any cost.

340 Every little fire that is burning inside you pushes you to ditch the stagnancy of comfort and embrace the ordeal of discomfort to test your limits.

341 When you see your entire world falling apart, you should do something from your side to get back to normal. The fact that you made an effort gives you comfort even if nothing happened. Sitting silently and leaving everything to God is a crime which you should not commit.

342 Creativity cannot flourish when you have to work under a fixed time limit and you have to report your progress to someone on a regular basis. For creativity to thrive, you need undisturbed space and time of your own.

343 The result of victory is not enough-you must understand the process that led you to victory so you can use it, modify it, perfect it, repeat it in any battle you become part of, and come out undefeated.

344 Never consider that your victory will bring a reputation in society or that your loss will bring shame in others’ eyes.

Your victory signifies that you conquered something which you wanted to conquer, and your loss signifies you are still not ready to conquer the battle, but the lessons learnt will help you emerge stronger next time.

Allowing others to be part of your battle and experiencing different emotions due to different outcomes is not needed.

345 Let your story be quiet and progressive which lays ground for long term play rather story of beating the own trumpet which can collapse under its own weight.

346 If you find yourself in constant need of entertainment, you are denying yourself the opportunity to understand the deep meaning of life, giving control of yourself to others and letting yourself dance to their tune.

347 One of the best ways to learn about the functioning of something is to mess it up initially. When you mess up things, you feel compelled to fix them immediately, and in the course of fixing the mistake, you restart the process, you recollect the errors, and you learn something that sticks in your memory.

348 If the source of pain is coming from inside,then its source of healing is also residing inside. Looking for help outside is like moving from natural pure remedy to get pulled towards artificially temporary answer.

349 If you have been given the chance to give directions to someone, with the right signs and signals, you can help others reach their destination, but if you play foul and give wrong signals, others will lose their way midway. Any bad done to others intentionally will be reciprocated to you in the same way in other forms.

350 Moving up the ladder by flattering your superior is the worst way to kill your inner talent. Moreover, you are losing your dignity while succumbing to others’ authority.