100 Life lesson part 8

351 Any animosity you display toward someone indicates that they were successful in psychological warfare with you and were able to expose your flaws and worst traits without much of an effort on their behalf.

352 Any tough barrier in life will give you many hard, uneven blows, many unpleasant times, push you to make many sacrifices, and make you jump into a territory which was unfamiliar to you. If you don’t fall apart after facing these and hold yourself strong, the odds of turning the table in your favour are very high.

353 Your weakness can be your strength if it tactfully guides what to avoid. Avoiding being part of something where you have a high chance of exposing your vulnerabilities without any added benefit is important.

354 You can fake yourself sometime, you can fake yourself to some people, but you cannot fake yourself all time to all people. Resist the urge to strive for something which doesn’t come naturally to you.

355 Have a picture of controlled chaos in mind so you don’t hit the panic button and maintain your composure if any unpredictable thing or untoward incident happens to you.

356 As the water doesn’t believe in constant shape ,it can enter into any object and take its shape flawlessly, so as a human, your circumstances will also change time to time in the due course of life, so any circumstance you enter, make it your own rather than feeling alien experiencing it.

357 Any appearance that looks deceptive to you must be treated with caution. You must not reveal your strengths and weaknesses in any instance. Build doubt in his mind, keep the person guessing about who you are, and when he makes a move to play a vicious card against you, you must also be ready to counter the attack with your hidden card.

358 After a period of dormancy once your beast mode is on then past regrets and future ambitious triggers will ignite so much fire inside you that there is no looking back.

359 When your luxury of comfort disregards others’ pain of labor, then your mindset has degenerated, and it needs an urgent quick fix.

360 If you think you can play safe by standing still or sitting, mind you, you will make many mistakes without knowing. Rather, move and let false steps happen, at least one will know what the wrong is and put effort into correcting it.

361 Excitement in life comes from surprises. Anything looks exciting at first, but once it gets into a routine, it loses its appeal.

Keep surprising yourself by adding extra elements to your work, doing things which you haven’t done, thinking and learning about something which broadens your perspective and you will never be bored of yourself and will always retain your youthfulness for a long time.

362 Never reveal your plan before it is fully executed. Your strength of plan is derived from its secrecy and make it impenetrable to others eye.

363 You can only improve if you know you are not perfect. You can only emerge as good if you know you are bad. You can only grow if you know you are not tall enough to match others height.

364 If you don’t let your weakest link fall apart during adversity, you will survive many tough challenges.

365 New ideas don’t come easily-you have to constantly think, learn, and work upon them. It is a diligent process. If you allow yourself to be lazy, your mind will be preoccupied with old, repetitive ideas that were conquered long ago.

366 Good ideas are like trees with many branches, where each branch can solve an existing problem in a unique way, and it doesn’t fade easily. As we use it more, it creatively blends various elements to provide a novel outcome.

367 If any object or anyone gives you a pleasant experience, you don’t mind and happily ignore their lack of performance or productivity.

368 If you don’t know what makes you happy on your own, you don’t know what happiness is all about.

369 Anyone who needs constant praise from others will barely be of any help during your lean time. In your worst moments, you are so preoccupied with your own problems that you have little time to praise others.

370 When you find joy in others’ pain, you are hiding your own sorrow that is bothering you inside, but you tend to ignore it and wish it would be eliminated automatically. Unless you find the source of your sorrow and set aside some time to effectively address it, it will linger longer than your imagination.

371 You can’t help others if your own problems are raging inside you and affecting your mental health. You can only help others unconditionally once you have taken care of all your problems.

372 Sometimes we want to start and continue our days with lots of promise and commitment, but it ends with much dejection as nothing happened as planned. But should we regret that a day has been wasted? No ,we must accept that unexpected things can rule our lives anytime, anywhere.

373 Once you realise how little you know to not only survive but lead a contented life, you stop living a stable life appeasing others and you take a risk to do things you have always wanted to do but have never been able to do it.Yes, society will reject this perspective of yours, but no great people have become great by following the laid down protocol of society.

374 Any company, whether friends, family, nature, or hobbies, which enriches your soul without making you feel the need to orchestrate to others how truly great they are, will remain with you for a long time.

375 Some soothing experiences in life cannot be shared, but only internalised. When you share your experience, people interpret it with their own lens and steal its purity. Keep it private to maintain its authenticity.

376 In your suffering ,there is honesty, you are not trying to hide your pain but swallowing it, absorbing it and let it test your limits in worst condition.

377 Any conversation that happens without status, ego, judgement, superiority will tend to last longer and get better with time as it connects human to human in a real sense without ill intention from any side.

378 Bad decisions from the past make you a good writer. When you reflect on past bad decisions, you not only think of consequences but also think about the events and triggers that led you to that decision and You also imagine what might have happened if the choice had been made correctly and how your current life might have been different.

All of these things assist you in creating a compelling narrative with standout characters and an engaging plot.

379 Constant negative inner chatter is your worst enemy because it not only saps your energy but also dulls your ability to face fear and fills your mind with self-doubt when you take risks.

380 Studying history is important — it gives you insights about

What had already been done,

What has already been said,

What had already been experienced,

What had been lost,

What has been won,

What had already been found out,

What had survived the turbulence,

What was perished in onslaught,

What had been hated,

What had been loved,

What had progressed,

What had stagnated.

381 Some roads are not to be followed that look appealing in beginning with smooth ride but ends with a big ditch only to cause you large painful fall. Even if undertaken, if retreated at right moment-can save you from significant loss.

382 Once people know that you can be broken down by insults and that you are sensitive to shame, they will try to break you even more; fight them out or move away. Standing there and expecting things to move towards a brighter side is never going to happen.

383 Learning becomes baggage and unpleasant when it is imposed to you by authority or section of people. Meaningful learning are the ones which fulfils your curiosity as it never exhausts you.

384 When you treat each day as a separate life, you learn the beauty of starting things from scratch and importance of making the most of every moment.

385 Any job that protects you from the consequences of your actions will also limit your upside journey. If there is no skin in the game, reaching the top of the mountain never comes in mindset.

386 Any wrong done to others intentionally gets added to your painful regret in later phase of your life.

387 World will never encourage you to think boldly and differently because they could never visualise the future. By thinking differently, you not only create a chance to change the world ,but also change their perspective when they see and experience the changing world.

388 No one has ever gained respect in their life by shouting at others, displaying ego and pride, insulting others, committing an act of vengeance or making others fearful of you . Respect can only be earned by loving others, helping others in times of need and respecting others.

389 In life, try to be a chef, not a cook. A chef has knowledge of flavors,knows how to use raw elements of dishes ,uses his instinct and experience to combine these in a creative manner to put up a new and wonderful dish. On the other hand, a cook needs to follow the recipe, adopt the strict process that has been laid down, and prepare dishes that have been prepared before, not anything beyond it.

390 When you exaggerate your danger with too many emotions while sharing your experience with others, you run the risk of getting sucked into it. Even a small barrier looks like a big mountain to cross.

391 If you seek help from one person repeatedly, you will become baggage for that person, and a healthy relationship can easily take an ugly turn to reach a breaking point.

392 If you turn to others for help in overcoming your petty problems, others will shy away from helping you with bigger problems. But if you show your strong side and effectively deal with smaller problems, others will candidly support you in dealing with bigger problems of yours.

393 People who don’t have meaningful work to do often have a habit of poking in others’ lives. As humans are social animals, every human need engagement. Interfering in others’ lives, inflicting pain on others needlessly is the worst form of engagement, and staying focused on your work is the best.

394 Accidents happen — either because of your fault or because of someone else’s fault, or a combination of both. So, to avoid it, not only you need to control your actions but also have to save yourself from others’ reckless actions. But even after that, there is no guarantee that you can prevent an accident from happening, but you must take charge of things that you can control and forget about the uncontrollable.

395 Anything you have learnt but have not put into practice will be quickly forgotten, however anything you have put into practice will stick with you. Practice while learning is essential for memory retention.

396 The existence of all conceivable comforts in your lap is undesirable. Unleashing the fire that was dormant inside of you requires some difficulty, scarcity, and mental breakdown, and these things make you more eager than ever to attain the intended goal.

397 When others try to provoke you or incite you with their stupid words, instead of getting into an argument, ask yourself, “Why should I counter something stupid from someone who is as insignificant as an empty can to you”? and then simply move away. You cannot react to everything insignificant that is happening around you.

398 No love can be won by force. Even if you can get through an open window, the window will only allow toxic air to flow in between. Love can only be won by mutual love and mutual respect.

399 If you are at peace with something which you are doing, you are successful. The journey of every successful journey end with peace of mind.

400 A substantial majority of people have the false belief that being busier equals being more productive. Your mind cannot operate like a machine and continuously churn out good ideas without a pause; rather, it requires its own time, a moment of wandering, and a rest spaced over a period of time in order to generate worthwhile ideas with the potential to have a significant impact.

401 Ideas which you have truly understood and want to convey to others in a meaningful way must be succinct and brief. By keeping it short, you convey most important part and throw out the irrelevant.

The moment you convey someone with extra-long words, it ceases to be meaningful as other’s attention can get diverted easily and no crucial point get registered in mind.

402 If you feel intellectually incompetent to complete the task but your heart desires it, aim for the heart. Increase your toil, raise your game, and align your mind with the heart to complete the task by hook or by crook.

403 If your work causes disagreement among people, it means you have struck emotional chord with other people or observer and they could relate your work to their belief, experience, stories etc. and come up with their interpretation of either good or bad.

404 If someone shares other’s secret to have an engaging conversation with you, then it is a signal of caution for you to not utter any secret of yours to him, as he will do the same with you. A person cannot be trusted if gossiping about others’ secrets is more important to making headway in conversation.

405 Any kindness shown to others may not bring you an immediate praise but it doesn’t cost much to see other human through angle of humanity.

406 Nature teaches us that everything that goes down takes its journey very fast, and every journey towards the upside has all the roadblocks and resistance in its way.

Spending time on looking at the downside only helps when it is about protecting the downside otherwise time spent has no value addition. Every moment and thought spent on looking at the upside gives you thrust to push forward whenever the journey gets stopped or looks impossible.

407 As you solve one problem in life, it opens doorway for another problem and this process will keep going on till death. Life throws different problems at different stages, and you cannot run away by letting it unsolved. If problems in life ends and you have no answer to chase for then life will have very less meaning left.

408 Any loss you experience, whether it be personal, professional, or financial, sends you into a tailspin of grief and makes you feel out of control. In this circumstance, acting normally necessitates mental mastery, which only a select few people possess.

409 Be in the game where the game begins with you, such as a company founder, creative artist, inventor, discoverer, and so on or

Where the game ends with you like writer, social activist etc or

Where the game gives you a unique identity like scientist, unique builder etc.

There is more chance of you being remembered if you remain in these games.

But in the game where your journey can be easily copied or after you end, the baton can be easily passed to others, it will not take much time to forget.

410 Anything which you can’t take for granted but you have to constantly work harder to preserve it ,so it doesn’t go away or slip away from you is always precious.

411 Many things in life happen by chance, like favourable circumstances, unexpected turnaround, discovery, or reunion out of nowhere. Never underestimate the role of luck in life, as some probabilities in life happen only out of sheer luck.

412 The urge for speaking is evident because everyone wants others to listen to their view, acknowledge them and finally praise them for what they have said.

But the art of listening requires shedding off your ego by trying to understand others’ points of view silently ,carefully and patiently without showing discomfort midway or expecting appreciation or praise from others.

Good listeners are always a rare breed to find.

413 In modern world, when you realize you have no patience to listen to others, isn’t it foolish to expect that others will listen to you when you speak.

The way you treat others, expect yourself to be treated in same way.

414 You will always be pulled to things you are passionate about at some time in your life, regardless of your profession or work of engagement.

415 Don’t let your thoughts, which you feel excited about, but others feel stupid and childish, die down easily. Keep the flame of those thoughts alive as your ways of seeing and interpreting life are unique, which cannot be copied by anyone.

416 Anyone who claims himself to be an expert without adequate knowledge or experience and goes on to guide and help others with his self-declared expertise is not only putting his credibility in question but also blatantly committing fraud by giving others false promises.

417 when we start the journey we have all the motivation,energy,enthusiasm but along the way the focus and resolve starts to fade away and the end remains hardest where we need extra will from inside to push and finally reach the destination.

418 You got to find out where your talent lies. In the grind of regular job or misplaced priorities, we kind of burry our inner talent, but discovering it, harnessing it with self-belief and use it to our optimum potential is our duty which we have to accomplish at any cost.

419Delusion of anger causes temporary relief but long lasting damage and

Delusion of greed causes temporary happiness but long lasting grief.

If both delusions get uncontrolled, they become irreversible and one makes sense only after losing many precious and priceless possessions.

420 Nobody can force you to be disciplined. The discipline comes from realizing that you cannot spend your entire day without doing or performing that work, and anything you do consistently, you become disciplined at it.

421 Your thoughts govern how you see life. Some may find nothingness in everything but some find everything in nothingness.

422 Others perception only matters if you have surrendered your independence to them without even fighting to keep it.

423 Some pointless adventure at first carves the path of lifelong meaningful journey.

424 Everything starts with you and ends with you. Hence you have to protect yourself and defend yourself as and when need arises.

425 No one can carry you on their back and help you reach the mountain top. You have to walk the rugged road with your feet and accept some bruises along the way.

In the same way, no one can push you from the top and make you fall to the bottom if you can hold your ground tight and fight back when needed.

426 Most will praise you for finding common beauty in rare things, and when you find rare beauty in common things, it goes unnoticed, but it gives you solitude inside that you embrace life in a different way from others.

427 One of the reasons why more people get interested in talking about spirituality, politics, religion, caste more than scientific debate is that in the former there is a possibility of more than one answer and their sense of affection originates from the fact that whatever little gap is left in understanding or interpretation, they can fill it up with their own contribution.

428 When someone criticizes you without giving a valid reason, then it is criticism for the sake of criticism, and it has no merit. Further, it is a display of hollow intelligence where his mouth does more work than his brain, making him a parody of himself.

429 New doesn’t mean old is bad, and old doesn’t mean there is no need for new. As long as it serves the purpose, it will root its existence.

430 What is accepted by everyone may not always be right.

It is also unlikely that what is right will be accepted by everyone.

431 If you are worth knowing, people will know you anyhow and if you are not, even you strongest of influence wont convince them to know you further.

432 If you love something, why do you want to finish it soon? If you finish something fast, how come you develop a love for it ?

Lovable things are to be cherished slowly for the longest time.

433 Whenever you call someone mad or crazy, you must also know what has caused him to act in that manner.

Making judgments on someone with half-baked knowledge is like finding the depth of water without entering it.

434 Being underrated is good because you will always have something to fight for and something to strive for.

435 The whole idea of winning and losing has been embedded in people’s minds for many generations. When you tell someone that you are playing a neutral game in life where there is no winner or loser, there is no win or loss. People will walk away from your ideas and stop taking an interest in your life.

436 Everything has advantages and disadvantages. If you ride too much on advantages and make yourself completely dependent on them, then when the tide turns, you may suffer a heavier blow from disadvantages too.

437 If you always remain awakened to see how dark night goes, then you will always be late in experiencing how bright the sun rises and shines.

438 Weak always wants others to see, acknowledge, and appreciate what he is doing.

Strong keeps on doing what he is supposed to do and never gives a damn about whether people are paying attention to him or not.

439 Small moves give space for big ones. If someone is starting to make small moves in the right direction after a rough phase and many wrong moves, she will not get exhausted in the midway. The fire in the belly continues to burn for a very long time.

440 No matter how much you try, you cannot lead an solitary life for very long. The social instinct of humans is very integral, and the need to talk with someone at some point of time can never be eliminated.

441 A thousand wrongs doesn’t guarantee that the right will happen from now on for you, and a thousand right doesn’t mean that you are immune from doing any wrong.

442 To have high returns in life ,you have to take some bets where the outcome is always probable. If it goes your way, the upside is huge and if it doesn’t, the downside is also lethal.

Safety and guarantee will enable you to live a normal life on par with or slightly better than the people around you.

One cannot expect an extraordinary life with normal bets, and one cannot expect a normal life with extraordinary bets. No choice is good or bad. Each to his or her own.

It all depends upon how one wants to be remembered after he/she dies.

443 If someone has developed a bad opinion of you beforehand, never get into repeated long conversations with them. There will never be positive exchange and useful learning to take away from it, and moreover, you will curse yourself for extending conversation beyond a point.

444 Life is contradictory:

Others don’t give a damn about your success when their own life is on fire and on a downward trajectory. They don’t have the luxury of time to praise others.

And someone who is on a success streak never gives a damn about your failure because they want to surround themselves with positive vibes to keep their momentum going.

445 If you are afraid before taking the first step, you will also be afraid in the subsequent steps of progression as the chain of fear spreads on.

Eliminate fear from the very first step, so the roots of fear don’t spread their branches throughout your brain.

446 Before stepping into noise, you must know what you are searching for, otherwise you will never find a signal out of it as the vibration of noise will occupy your mind quickly and effortlessly.

447 While negotiating, you must be aware of the type of person you are dealing with; any hint of deception from the other party should cause you to raise an eyebrow and determine whether foul play is taking place.

Finalising a deal with the wrong one will bring a thunderstorm of agony later.

448 Anything that is done for a long period of time and consistently is never an accident. It is intentional and is inbuilt in the attitude of a person. It works both ways.

positive ways :continuous learning, commitment, hard work, etc.

Negative ways: lying, manipulation, negative talk, etc.

449 When you love something profoundly, you cannot be fully satisfied with it as it is a long, beautiful journey with a beginning but no end and every stop is etched in mind as a sublime experience which gets better as we move along.

450 All the efforts you put in to get something can’t be stopped suddenly because someone told you that it is beyond your reach.

You need to reach your own conclusion rather than leaning towards others’ conclusions on your behalf.

451 The key to solid idea generation is to move out of a busy environment and embrace some empty space, so you can organize all of the thoughts that are running through your head and give them a proper direction, allowing the creative process to kick in, which is when a nascent idea takes its full shape.

452 The ease with which you learn a lesson from one thing and apply it to another is a measure of how deeply you think and how easily you break down barriers of knowledge by making connections between things.

453 Any way you spend your time which doesn’t make you regret later or raises questions of “should have” or “could have” done differently in your mind is a good utilisation of time. Others’ interpretation of the “best” use of time may not fit you as it is framed , pondered, and decided by others, not you.

454 If you spend your entire life on finding your “lost” self, when will you present your transformed self, which is better, bigger, and more profound than the previous?

455 If you have to change your plan frequently due to short-term setbacks, then you never had a solid plan to start with and what you were calling a plan was nothing but a fragile assumption that got broken when hit hard.

456 If you have 100 problems in your way, focus on one which is most important and find its solution. The rest of the 99 will move away gradually.

But if you focus on 100 problems from the beginning, none will get eliminated and more pain will come along.

457 You can never be immune from insecurities. They will plague you in one way or another throughout your life. The only way to turn things in your favour is to grow from insecurities, embrace them, play upon them, and find resilience from them so they don’t break your heart and mind at any cost.

458 Only those experiences that teaches life-long lessons must be carved in stone, the rest must be forgotten like a name written in sand.

459 If someone is contradicting the words without understanding the idea fully, then she is ill suited for discourse involving a deep exchange of ideas.

460 The only place where you can get all the luxury and comfort the way you want is in your own private illusion world. It might not survive for long, but as long as it survives, you will be in true paradise.



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